Actions and Awards in Sustainability

Some Sustainability Actions of Pousada Bella Terra
  • Hiring of local labor;
  • We work in accordance with the law, thus reducing risks of accidents at work;
  • we try to buy products with returnable packaging;
  • we use biodegradable products in the cleaning of Pousada Bella Terra;
  • we reduce the printing and consequently the use of paper;
  • we separate the garbage correctly;
  • we prioritize guest satisfaction through satisfaction survey;

  • we have compost that helps in discarding leftovers from food;
  • all the pictures of Pousada Bella Terra are of local artists;
  • all lamps are economical, we have water reducers, without affecting the quality of services;
  • shampoo and liquid soaps, which generates less garbage, since they are available in dispenser;
  • we offer bicycle for guests (green vehicle);
  • we have a collection point for batteries, batteries and lamps;
  • we have presence sensors in the corridors and common areas;

  • we work with energy cards in the apartments;
  • we have stickers with orientation for conscious consumption; etc.
 Awards and nominations

What can you do to commit yourself to us and become a sustainable tourist?
 The team at Pousada Bella Terra is proud of the merits, awards and nominations received over the years. There are some of them:

  • Booking
  • Tripadvisor
  • Trivago. We were elected the 6th best alternative hostel in Brazil