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Shares and Awards for Sustainability

Some Sustainability Actions Pousada Bella Terra

  • labor, local labor hiring;
  • We work in accordance with the law, thus reducing risks of accidents;
  • We try to buy products with returnable containers;
  • We use biodegradable products to clean the Pousada Bella Terra;
  • We diminish impressions and therefore the use of paper;
  • We prioritize guest satisfaction through satisfaction survey;
  • We separate the waste correctly;
  • own compost that helps in disposal of food waste;
  • all the pictures of Pousada Bella Terra are local artists;
  • all lamps are economical,
  • We possess reducing water without harming the quality of services;
  • shampoo and liquid soap, which creates less waste, since they are available in dispensers;
  • Bicycle available to guests (green car);
  • We have collection station batteries, batteries and lamps;
  • we have presence sensors in hallways and common areas;
  • We work with power cards in the apartments;
  • We have stickers with guidance for conscious consumption; etc.


The guest you can do to engage with us and become a sustainable tourist?

The staff at Pousada Bella Terra boasts, merits, awards and nominations received during these years. Are some of them:

  • Booking
  • Tripadvisor
  • FIFA Official Accommodation
  • Vitta
  • Guia 4 Rodas
  • Podhium
  • ecofriendly
  • Practice food handling - Here's health


ome practical tips for those hosts:

  • Travel in low season reduces overcrowding in cities, contributing to the lowest accumulation of waste;
  • ecofriendly book hotels in Brazil, see joining the ABNT 15401, inquire at time of booking;
  • opt for hotels or hostels, where the owners are the local towns, so the profit will be in the city;
  • in the hotel / guesthouse, the guest should always turn off the lights when you leave and take out the electronics from the outlet. Avoid changing bath towel and face every day. Use preferably brought shampoo and soap from home, less waste is generated;
  • while shopping, a good tip is to buy local products, crafts. Remember, "souvenir" it is the visited city and not from China! On purchases also remember to use reusable bags cloth or paper instead of plastic bags;
  • respect the visited city is a key part of the trip. Not littering, not destroy nature, not tar monuments, practice recycling and take advantage of public transportation are some choices that can contribute to the formation of a more conscious tourist;
  • reduce indirect energy consumption, that embedded in the manufacture of consumer items, seeking to offer natural products, especially vegetables, region;
  • consume water with rationality and efficiency;
  • not allow that there is any leakage, remember to warn the responsible department;
  • turn on the air conditioning, always with closed doors and windows, and use fans only when necessary;
  • collect all the waste produced and separate recyclables from organic waste;
  • turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. Thus, it is possible to spend only two liters of water instead of 60;
  • assist in the education of other visitors, conveying the principles of minimal impact at every opportunity and disseminate this responsible attitude.
  • We count on your collaboration to obtain our certification in Training Program in Sustainable Tourism Sebrae / RS, based on the NBR 1540 and mainly remember that sustainable tourism is planned so that local people are more valued, promoting conservation actions environment and stimulating the socioeconomic development of the region. The end result is a unique experience for tourists, since with these attitudes we will preserve our environment so that others who have never visited our region can come, be amazed and enjoy our structure, and those who may have visited us, can go back and find our prese
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